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The Geek or Guru ICT TV Talent Show official launch on the 13th Dec. 2017 @ Golden Tulip Hotel Lagos. Read more....


The GEEK OR GURU? Information Technology TV Reality show is the very first of its kind in Africa. The rate by which a sector is promoted determines the rate by which they progress.In Africa, the sectors that sell most are the music & arts and the financial sectors. The kind of promotion given to these sectors made it possible for even those who are not talented in that area to develop interest and build their future in that field.

SEITAC INITIATIVE as a framework to implement this strategy has founded the show. SEITAC INITIATIVE is currently collaborating with Partners, OEMs and I.T giants to carry out/execute this strategy annually.

This initiative/framework has the following objectives:

  1. Identify Young I.T GURUS and grow young talents.

  2. Promoting I.T industry and making people know more.

  3. Promoting Local contents/indigenous software/I.T gadgets.

  4. Exportation/Sales of I.T services/Products.

  5. Generation of income for the government and technology transformation .

  6. Create numerous job opportunities.

In our effort to make the Information Technology attain the expected heights; we have initiated ‘’THE GEEK OR GURU?’’ Information Technology Television Reality Show. This show is a revolution for the Information Technology Sector and will make people sing I.T sector the way they sing Music/Arts sector

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Africa's Biggest ICT Reality TV Show

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